3 ways winter waves can relax you!

The winter can be brutal in northern Minnesota, especially on the north shore along Lake Superior. When the weather is nipping at our noses, we can revel in relaxation while lodging along the lake. Here are 3 stupendous ways to relax while enjoying the winter waves!

  • FIREPLACE IN YOUR COTTAGE OR ROOM The fireplaces in our rooms are just heavenly. The tranquility of the atmosphere inside, knowing the waves are crashing outside is nothing short of magic. (once the kids and family are settled down of course) Be sure and book your room with a fireplace that’s lakeside!
  • FOUR SEASON OUTDOOR WHIRLPOOL Quite possibly, one of the coolest amenities in the winter time! Nice, warm and safe inside, snowy outside.
  • HOT FINNISH SAUNA The population in Finland is about 5 million people and over 3.5 million of those homes have an authentic sauna! Larsmont Cottages can boast the ONLY resort in northern Minnesota with an authentic Finnish sauna! (clothes required despite Finnish tradition) Keep warm and relax while the waves are outside!

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