Beware! Spend less time on Ivan your Iphone!

Do you spend so much time on your iphone that your family and friends give your iphone a nickname? Do you scroll online, surf the web and scamper about with Siri all hours of the day? Is your iphone nicknamed Ivan and is Ivan the first contact you have every morning you awake? If so, you need to spend less time on your iphone and more time anywhere! Here are a few things to do while away from Ivan, er, your iphone.

  • Road trip! Minnesota is the 12th largest state in America. With over 86,943 square miles to see, you’re never at a loss for sights! Jay Cooke State Park, Gooseberry Falls and Palisade Head (one of the coolest places to see in MN) are all within 2.5-3.5 hour drive from the Twin Cities and 30-60 minutes from Duluth and Superior!
  • Walk or jog along a Lake Superior! If exercise is your thing, then you live in the right place! Minnesota is the home of 10,000 lakes. The Superior Hiking Trail has over 200 miles of trails between Duluth and Canada!
  • Feeding the birds is for the birds! When you visit the Duluth area, you have to stop by Canal Park, see the lake, hear the waves and of course feed the birds! It’s super fun, especially for the kids! And there’s no worry about birds eating your iphone. Now the mosquitos are another thing.
  • Grilled Alaskan salmon! Put down your Apple friend and enjoy an elegant plate of salmon at the Ledge Rock Grille at Larsmont Cottages! It’s grilled on a bourbon-soaked cedar plank and finished with honey and brown sugar. Enjoy this mouthwatering entrée atop roasted potatoes and fresh vegetables.  Complement all this with a selection from our fine wine collection!

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