Bird is the Word

ChickadeeTree.Songbirds.3-14There’s something about coffee that seems to inspire deep conversation. The French Enlightenment took place in salons, and artists, writers, and philosophers seem to swear by their favorite brew. If wine is the drink of choice for the elite jet-setter, then it’s coffee for the intellectual, the poet, the musician.

Is it any wonder, then, that so many coffee shops host art exhibitions? These community gathering spaces are often havens for the arts, and The Vanilla Bean (open daily 7am-3pm) in Two Harbors is no exception. Right now until May 10, the exhibit is “Song Birds”, paintings by local artist Aaron Kloss. Kloss has worked exclusively on black canvas for 15 years, a unique artistic choice that gives his works an expressive, absorbing feel. According to the event’s online listing, this exhibition has both small scale original paintings and framed giclee prints.

The paintings are beautiful, but you should definitely expect a sense of fun. Kloss’s own artist’s statement ends like this:

BlueJayMoon.Songbirds.3-14“Artists often agonize over every brushstroke, while children express themselves freely in any medium and any surface…I hope I never lose that childlike passionate joy of creating. :)

Where To Find It

Vanilla Bean Café
812 7th Ave