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Two Harbors Kayak Festival


Would you like to tour the lake in a kayak, watch (or participate) in a 5, 10, or 18-mile race, or get your kids involved in the sport with instruction or with a kids race? This August 2–3 (with an

Kids Activities in Two Harbors

There is nothing quite like unstructured outside play, but if you’ve ever heard your little ones tell you “I’m bored” you know that spontaneity doesn’t always come easy. Fortunately, there are a number of convenient and low-cost activities for kids

The Longest Day of the Year


“Summertime,” Charles Bowden said, “is always the best of what life might be.” And sun, glorious sun, is the essence of summer. Without it, life on earth would be impossible. Though winters here in the Northland are long and harsh,

Summer Museums for the Family

With the arrival of the summer tourism season comes the reopening of all the main attractions, and in Two Harbors, this means that all of the Lake County Historical Society museums are going to be in business once again. Beginning

All Trails Lead to Two Harbors


All roads might lead to Rome, but all trails lead to Two Harbors. Our fair town has ended up as the gateway to the Superior Hiking Trail, a 296-mile footpath that leads from Duluth to the border of Canada. Two

Bird is the Word

There’s something about coffee that seems to inspire deep conversation. The French Enlightenment took place in salons, and artists, writers, and philosophers seem to swear by their favorite brew. If wine is the drink of choice for the elite jet-setter,

A Waterfall For Easter

Gooseberry Falls

“Are our souls a waterfall, a true Niagara or a smile, a flirt of an angel?” Romanian philosopher Sorin Cerin asked this years ago, but it feels particularly relevant today. The land is shaking off winter like a long sleep

North Shore Poets

In an age where libraries are closing left and right, the social experience of gathering in one and talking about the written word is becoming more valuable all the time. There isn’t a website around that can provide the feeling

Having Fun, In Spite Of Winter

A photo I  was looking at today from earlier this February reminded me of something very important–we Minnesotans don’t let snow get in our way. Ever. But the newspapers are reporting that this is coldest winter in 139 years, and

Just Do It! Leave Reviews And Help Other Guests!

Online reviews are becoming a great source of wisdom and knowledge among many of our guests. Our guests often times share about their experiences so our other guests can benefit from their wise words. Online reviews, like Google Places, social