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Beware! Spend less time on Ivan your Iphone!

Do you spend so much time on your iphone that your family and friends give your iphone a nickname? Do you scroll online, surf the web and scamper about with Siri all hours of the day? Is your iphone nicknamed

How to pack when visiting the North Shore!

We’re not gonna lie, it gets a little chilly around here during the fall season in October. Once the leaves are gone, cold weather comes and snow isn’t far behind. So what should you wear when visiting? How do we

Don’t miss out! 3 reasons to sign up for our specials!

During the fall season not only are the leaves falling but our rates are falling as well!  At Larsmont Cottages, there are many incentives to help save you time and money. No need to check other discount websites. No need

Everyone wins! Top places to enjoy a fall walk!

The fall season is one of the best seasons to visit the northland! The crowds are gone, the Finnish sauna awaits you and there are some sweet sites to see when traveling here! Here are some of the top walking

Outstanding! 5 places to keep warm this fall near Larsmont Cottages!

During the cool fall evenings, you’ll need a place to keep warm, with some equally warm beverages, during your stay at Larsmont Cottages. At the Ledge Rock Grille, we have a fabulous selection of red wines to warm your soul.

Warning! Too much Relaxation in our All-Season Hot tub!

Fewer things in life relax the body more than a relaxing hot tub and a Finnish Sauna. (See previous weeks post!) The unwinding after a long break between vacations or after a stressful season of life can be unbelievably healthy.

Dinner by Chef Lenny Russo at Ledge Rock Grille

Ledge Rock Grille at Larsmont Cottages is delighted introduce Thursdays at the Ledge – Bold Adventures in Dining. Every Thursday we’ll host a bold dining experience at the North Shore’s finest restaurant. Follow us on Facebook or Google+ to stay

Freak out with our authentic Finnish Sauna!! What is it? Find out here!

Let’s get a couple things straight. Sauna is pronounced Sow-na. And the ONLY authentic Finnish Sauna, located at a North Shore resort, is at Larsmont Cottages. What is an authentic Finnish Sauna you ask? Prepare to get invited, excited and

Yellows, Oranges, Reds, Oh My! 3 Things (and colors) You Can’t Miss On the North Shore!

North Shore Fall Colors! The colors are coming! The colors are coming! We’ve always said that one of the most colorful and beautiful seasons on the North Shore is the fall season. And this season won’t disappoint! The Department of

How lodging in Two Harbors, Minnesota could change your life

Life-Changing Vacation How can a resort, hotel or vacation change your life? How can my life be transformed in Two Harbors, Minnesota? Quite simple. See below and the master will educate the grasshopper. Vacations lower stress among women! In a