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Local Larsmont Cottages

If you are staying at Larsmont Cottages there is a good chance you are from out of town. While the resort is a vacation in itself, you will probably want to act locally. You can check out the local outdoors,

Hot Tubs, Fires, and Saunas: Warming Up In Winter

Even on the coldest day of winter, you can enjoy being outside by the icy waters of Lake Superior. That’s right. With proper preparation, you can be in the winter wonderland and bask in warmness at the same time. One

Victory Through Retreat: Corporate Retreat Basics


In war there are generally two types of retreats. One is where the enemy has forced you back and you fall back or maybe just run.  The other type of retreat happens when you are doing well. You just may

A Perfect North Shore MLK Weekend


Are you looking for a great destination for your Martin Luther King weekend vacation? Look no further: Larsmont Cottages is where you want to be. In addition to superior accommodations we’ve got a great variety of family friendly activities at

The Mitten Tree, on TV

Did you see the Mitten Tree? The Mitten Tree, for you and me? Well, that same tree was on TV—on TV on channel three! That’s enough rhyming for now (and it wasn’t actually channel three). But something about the holiday

The Longest Night of the Year

“It was the first breath of the new moon,” novelist Diana Gabaldon wrote, “but the whole of it was visible, a perfect ball of violet and indigo cupped in a sickle of light, luminous among the stars.” Gabaldon hasn’t stayed

Larsmont Mitten Tree

May you always have a poem, like a pair of cozy mittens; Knitted by a friend who loves you. May your poem hold your hands through the blizzard of your living; Every word a warm blessing. Written by a soul

Fresh Fish From Hawaii

Fresh, just-caught Pacific Ocean fish in the middle of Minnesota? With modern technology, it’s easier than ever. Our friends at Norpac Fisheries in Hawaii are catching fish, slapping them on a flight, and getting them to our table less than

Ancient Relaxation

Sauna and Hot Tub Near the Lake “Life without sauna,” former Finnish prime minister Urho Kekkonen once said, “seems to me impossible.” And while some go for years without this experience, we more or less agree. A life without a

The Best Fall Colors along Highway 61

  Two Harbors to Illgen City via Beaver Bay This drive takes you through the hardwood forests of the North Shore’s back country. You’ll see a variety of trees (and colorful leaves) including oak, maple, basswood and pines. From Hwy