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Just Do It! Leave Reviews And Help Other Guests!

Online reviews are becoming a great source of wisdom and knowledge among many of our guests. Our guests often times share about their experiences so our other guests can benefit from their wise words. Online reviews, like Google Places, social

Four Snowshoe Spots Worth Exploring


There is an austere beauty to being outdoors in winter. Soft snow casts its hush over the woods, so that you can hear your own breath. All is still, except for the occasional rabbit darting by or bird wheeling overhead.

How Not To Get Punched In The Face By Groupon!

Groupon is a great deals and savings site. However, just like a lot of deal-based websites, there are pro’s and con’s to consider, especially when booking hotel rooms on the North Shore. A guest of ours recently wrote a blog

Do Not Get Burned By Bad Reviews Online! 3 Sites To Know!

When booking a hotel room and resort on the North Shore, you probably want to know what other guests are saying about it. When booking online, wouldn’t you want to know if guests had a great experience or a terrible

4 Of The Best North Shore Venues To Visit!

Want to know where the coolest places to visit on the North Shore are located? Want to know why you should visit the North Shore and why the venues are SO cool? So what are the best places to visit?

5 Reasons Why You NEED to Indulge In Our Massage Services!

Massages come at a premium when living in Minnesota, during the winter months. When it is SO cold outside, you often times have zero motivation to venture out! Consider the benefits of a night’s stay at Larsmont Cottages to enjoy

Amazing Hotel Amenities With Wow Factor, Part 2

In our Part I of a two part blog series, we talked about 5 AMAZING onsite amenities at Larsmont Cottages. In Part II, we’re going to wow you with the other AMAZING reasons to stay with us! WARNING: you’re going

Wow! What our guests are saying about Larsmont Cottages!

Are you looking a great resort and hotel to stay when visiting the North Shore and Duluth, MN? Are you looking for memorable and luxurious stay? Look no further! But don’t trust what we say! Take a look at what

Amazing Resort and Hotel Amenities With Wow Factor, Part I!

Winter can be brutal in Minnesota, especially on the north shore! So in this Part I of a two part blog series, we’re going to tell you about how you can enjoy over 18 different amenities while staying with Larsmont

3 ways winter waves can relax you!

The winter can be brutal in northern Minnesota, especially on the north shore along Lake Superior. When the weather is nipping at our noses, we can revel in relaxation while lodging along the lake. Here are 3 stupendous ways to