How to pack when visiting the North Shore!

We’re not gonna lie, it gets a little chilly around here during the fall season in October. Once the leaves are gone, cold weather comes and snow isn’t far behind. So what should you wear when visiting? How do we keep warm when the temps start to fall? (no pun intended) Here are a few ways to keep warm, when the temps fall! (Ok seriously, last pun)

  • Thermal Underwear! It’s such a dangerous sounding name for clothing isn’t it! But it’s oh so warm! Wearing long thermal underwear will keeps the body cozy!
  • Winter coat, fleece and longtail shirts! If you want to keep warm when visiting the North Shore, be sure and pack a lunch..and a warm coat, fleece or longtail shirt! There are some very cool companies that sell great colder weather gear, like Duluth Trading Company. (not actually located in Duluth, but we won’t confuse you by telling the story-check it out for yourself!)
  • Bathing suit! What!? Yes that’s right. Here’s why: when you venture outside or travel here, at some point you’re going to want to enjoy our indoor swimming pool or four-season outdoor whirlpool. So pack your bathing suit and relax!


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