Just Do It! Leave Reviews And Help Other Guests!

Online reviews are becoming a great source of wisdom and knowledge among many of our guests. Our guests often times share about their experiences so our other guests can benefit from their wise words.

Larsmont Massage CottageOnline reviews, like Google Places, social media sites, Travelocity, Tripadvisor and Yelp help connect guests in order to share information.

We welcome all reviews! Good and bad alike!

Next time you stay with us, leave a review online. Tell us how we did. Tell us if you would recommend staying with us or not. We are tough and can take the feedback.

By sharing your experience with other, future guests, you will accomplish the following.

  1. 1.     Make Our Place Real. People do not like surprises, they like to be in the-know. Our guests like it when we are real and transparent with them. Our guests like to know which room types are good, which ones are cold and which ones are closest to the restaurant and furthest from the noise. By you sharing this, you help future guests choose which rooms to stay in and when. You also help us connect us to future guests and help us show our customers that we care about them.
  2. 2.     What Is For Dinner? When our guests travel and stay with us, they like to know what is best on our restaurant menu! They like to know which desert to eat, which wine tastes great and which steak is the most enjoyable. At the Ledge Rock Grille restaurant at Larsmont Cottages, the greatest story told about our fine dining is told by you! So tell us, which meals are the best ones and which wines are the most elegant.
  3. 3.     What Is In It For You? When you leave an online review, the measure of a good resort or hotel, should be in their response. If a review is a negative one, the resort or hotel should have responded promptly and without defense, affirming their guest. The review should also be followed up with some sort of comment or phone number, published publically, so future guests can see how professionally they handled the customer service issue. Is the resort or hotel you are reserving online doing this? Are they responding like Larsmont Cottages to good and bad comments? Or are they ignoring their guests online? Not us! We have amazing customer service and our reviews are reflective of this. Be sure your next resort or hotel stay is one where they serve you.

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