Outstanding! 5 places to keep warm this fall near Larsmont Cottages!

During the cool fall evenings, you’ll need a place to keep warm, with some equally warm beverages, during your stay at Larsmont Cottages. At the Ledge Rock Grille, we have a fabulous selection of red wines to warm your soul. Enjoy a nice red wine choice in pinot noir, merlot or cabernet.

However, if you’re looking for something equally as warm, be sure and venture to nearby Two Harbors and enjoy a wonderful cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate. Where is the best place to enjoy this, you ask? Fear no more and read below for the 5 best places to down a cup of joe!

  1. Vanilla Bean Café. Excellent breakfast, coffee beans are custom roasted locally!
  2. Mocha Moose. Located along scenic highway 61, excellent coffee, moose not required.
  3. Northshore Pizza Café and Coffee. Pizza’s not for breakfast, unless you’re in college, but the coffee bar here is awesome!
  4. Judy’s Café. Great little café and coffee shop.
  5. Louise’s Place. This treasure will send you into a sugar-enduced coma with their baked goods. And the coffee: very tasty.

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